Poached eggs in the interior

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Poached eggs really tasted I a few years ago. They loved me with her soft dietary consistency "in the bag". To love one is to be able to cook them something else! It seemed what is really difficult: cook in boiling water broken egg, so it is not lost form! If you are adventurous - take a chance! A hurricane of white flakes you provided! I was tormented, as not only in famous restaurants, but in modest cafes you are served in 5 minutes perfect poached eggs. Investigate! Experience!!! - again! Means -2!!! Tell about one of them.

Ingredients for Poached eggs in the interior

Step by step instruction of cooking Poached eggs in the interior

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You will need: frying pan with high sides, 2 steel rings (8х5см), lemon juice, water

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In a pan pour water at least 5 cm in height, bring to boil, reduce the heat. Water needs very little boiling; but sometimes "gurgling". Pour in the water a spoonful of lemon juice. Put water in the 2 rings.

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Carefully break the eggs into a separate bowl so as not to damage the yolk.

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Very carefully "to pour" eggs in the ring. Cook for 3-4 min.

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When the eggs are "formed" by going from liquid to semi-solid, remove the ring. Optionally, the eggs can turn.

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Put a slotted spoon on a plate. Season with salt and pepper. Top can be decorated with shrimp, chunks of pickled fish sauce.

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To create around poached eggs worthy interior! So, for example, that was my Breakfast!

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And these are my associates! Stainless steel rings for desserts and snacks. For cutting shapes from dough and pasta, to shape the rice, vegetables, tartan or desserts. A round of applause.