My pilaf chicken

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There was already proposed variants of pilaf. So I decided to take a chance and ask you to assess my knowledge of its preparation. So....

Ingredients for My pilaf chicken

Step by step instruction of cooking My pilaf chicken

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Since I have no kazanchike I cook rice in the roaster.
The chicken is cut into pieces and fry until Golden brown in hot oil.

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While fried meat, pickles. Chopped carrot sticks. The fact that Uzbekistan pilaf use yellow carrots, as it is less juicy.

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Put to boil the peas, which I soaked yesterday. It is cooked until soft. I guess you have the question "for what?". Answer, as the chicken cooks very quickly than any other meat, peas must first be cooked for a bit. If you prepare a pilaf of different meats, cooking peas do not. Next, chopped onion half-rings. Throw everything turns into the meat. If you like bright rice, then onions and carrots much to overcook it is not necessary.

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Then spread the peas along with the water in which it cooked. Throw spices and raisins and cook on a slow fire to full readiness.

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The rice I always get steamed. It does not fall apart. For my volume of cooking I took it a little more than a liter jar. The rice is washed and poured over the meat. Fill again with boiling water (two fingers above rice). Add the fire to the water has boiled away and the rice had cooked. Put a whole head of garlic (pre-cleaned and washed). Can be more put on the fan. Once the water has boiled away, cover with a lid. And all this is cooked on slow heat for 20-25 min. The garlic must be under the Fig.

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After laying the rice in zirvak, it does not interfere before the end of cooking. After the cooking time the risotto should be slightly beneath the cover.