Snack "With favourite and Paradise in a tent"

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The idea and recipe were born simultaneously and spontaneously. She did not expect. The zucchini pancakes turned out tasty and tender stuffed with cheese, sweet pepper and tomato (nadinochka can be changed according to your taste). Help yourself

Ingredients for Snack "With favourite and Paradise in a tent"

Step by step instruction of cooking Snack "With favourite and Paradise in a tent"

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Zucchini clean from the skin. Cut into pieces and grind in a blender until smooth. Season with a little salt to let the juice

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To marrow weight to add separately beaten eggs, put the flour. Salt and pepper to taste. Knead well.
Now, can be diluted with milk to make dough

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On a greased with vegetable oil pan (1 teaspoon for each pancake, frying pan coated 20 cm in diameter) and fry the pancakes to the beautiful it will turn brown on each side.
Grated on a coarse grater cheese mixed with processed paste, put on the edge of the pancake.
Put slices of sweet pepper and tomatoes (you can prepare the filling according to your taste). Pancake fold rolls.
To do so with all the pancakes.

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To decorate as a basis I took a slice of bread across the loaf. Wooden skewers put the tent. From the top edge to seal the thread. And on top of the skewers to stack the pancakes. Garnish with greens
Of this amount, the products get 2 of the small cabin.

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