Grouse with cheese crust

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Dear cooks! Present on your court my first prescription. It turned out to be grouse, actually, I was preparing myself for the first time. Just went to get meat in the store, and they all grouse buy, so I decided to try it. Came, looked and made the following dish. Grouse were very juicy and tasty. And garnish with the baked potatoes - awesome. A husband who doesn't eat chicken, and eaten a grouse. So, in my family this dish liked it. I hope someone else will try and appreciate.

Ingredients for Grouse with cheese crust

Step by step instruction of cooking Grouse with cheese crust

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It is the products that you need for cooking.

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Detachable white from the yolk and whisk it with salt before formation of dense foam.

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RUB cheese on a coarse grater.

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Add cheese to flour and stir.
This batter mix for grouse.

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Take the grouse, RUB with salt and pepper, not only outside but also inside. Then we cover the carcass of the beaten egg whites and then coat in the cheese-flour mixture.
Do the same with the second grouse.

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Grease a form with butter, put in her grouse.
Take a potato and wrap it in foil. Also put in a baking dish. And put in a pre-heated (up to 180-200 degrees) oven for 40 minutes.

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After 40 minutes take out the form. Remove potatoes from foil, cut it into two halves, sprinkle with salt, pour mayonnaise and a return back to form. Put back in the oven for another 30 minutes.