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On the website there are already 2 recipes Cooksey. But although the concept of a unified, everyone prepares a little differently. Before we ate this dish only in the cafe, but two years cook it at home myself.. to Cook this dish was taught to me by a friend who works as a cook in a Korean café. It turns out very tasty. Especially good in the summer when it's hot do not want, and the hash already rather tired. Try to prepare. Unusually, and most importantly - beautiful. It seems that cook long and hard, but after the first time you realize that no.

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The noodles soak in the water. There is a special noodles to cook-sea and is written on the pack or macenka, or tie-dye. Machenko you just need to fill cold boiled water for 40 minutes, and tie-dye you need to boil in boiling water.

Шаг 2

1 salad: beef-Lean roast in a deep pan, add onion, fry and add tomato. A little water, cover and simmer until meat is ready.
The meat is not salt. At the end of the quenching liquid should not stay.
Cabbage finely shinkuem, salt, squeeze and add to meat. Stir and immediately turn off the heat.

Шаг 3

2 salad: Cucumber thinly, thinly shinkuem strips.
Garlic RUB on a small grater, or squeezing in chesnokodavilke and add to the cucumber (the amount depends on preference, I put 4 cloves)
Fry the onion in butter until transparent and add half to the salad, dressed with 1 tsp of soy.
3 salad: Half of fried onions mixed with finely chopped cucumber and cabbage (cabbage how to mash), add tomato, Anemi and well fill red bitter pepper (again, by default, if you do not like the sharpness, a little pepper).
4. On a hot pan, pour scrambled with a spoonful of water an egg. Should get a thin omelet. The resulting mixture can be fried in 2 hours, then the omelet will be thinner. When cool, cut into thin strips.
5. Sesame seeds, rinse, dry and fry in a hot pan, to have the taste and aroma. Crushed.

Шаг 4

Now, comes the long-awaited denouement.
For each consumer take a separate deep bowl, put in noodles, pour the broth, not to the end, otherwise the salad will not be, and uncomfortable to be stirred. Now put a handful each of salads, omelette, sprinkle top with sesame seeds.
Well? Tasty)))