My first sushi

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Honestly, I was expecting the worst from my first experience of sushi :))) But it turned out - taste great, look beautiful, full of exotic. That's just the sticks, not all were able to cope, but the result is not affected by this! Everyone is happy, fed, and the recipe, I hope useful to someone.

Ingredients for My first sushi

Step by step instruction of cooking My first sushi

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Rice is boiled in the following way: take ratio is not 2к1, and 2.5 to 1 for the sticky rice in boiling water pour rice and immediately cover with lid, leaving a small opening. Cook on medium heat. Once the water has boiled away, close the lid completely and on low heat cook the rice until tender (about 10 minutes). Make a marinade: dissolve in vinegar, salt and sugar. The rice in the marinade and mix well with a wooden spatula leave to cool. And now a little about each of the rolls.

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Rolls with red caviar.
On a layer of parchment paper ( or special Mat), put a sheet of nori so that it could then collapse myself. Spread on a sheet of rice with a layer of 1 cm, wetting hands in cold water with vinegar. The rice should take 2/3 of the sheet. Take over the edge of the parchment paper and begin to fold it together with the nori into a roll. Then gently unstick nori rolls and a tight long roll. With a sharp knife cut from the roll bars (rolls), each roll put the red caviar.
Rolls with red fish.
Trout and cucumbers cut into long strips. Then do the same as in the previous rolls, just in the middle of the rice layer spread strips of fish and cucumber across the nori sheet, gently pressing them into the rice. Wrap roll, cut into rolls.

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Rolls with crab sticks.
Crab sticks, cucumbers, eggs cut into long strips. Repeat all previous steps, except in the middle of the rice layer spread across the strips of crab sticks, cucumber and eggs. Wrap the loaf. Cut the rolls

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Sushi with trout
Sheet nori cut into thin strips. Trout cut into rectangular pieces. Rice hands forming wedges (wetting hands in water) for each block of rice, put a piece of trout and a bandage strip of nori. This should be done carefully (not like me)))