Fish cake

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Very delicious cake made of fish and vegetables (without the test). Simple, easy and very gentle.

Ingredients for Fish cake

Step by step instruction of cooking Fish cake

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Onion cut into large cubes

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Carrots grate on a coarse grater

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Fish fillet cut into pieces. season with salt and pepper to taste. Add fish seasoning

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In form, lined with parchment (without parchment, but I have a form with a coating, and did not want then any knife or spatula to scratch) spread 1/3 of the carrots, top half fish and half an onion.
Then again the carrot of the second third, the rest of the fish and onions. The last layer of carrots

Шаг 5

Whisk eggs, milk. Add flour, mayonnaise, seasoning for scrambled eggs, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Pour over the cake the eggs and put in oven. Bake 30-40 minutes (until beautiful it will turn brown) at 190-200* (watch on your oven). If you want a drier to get the cake, you can longer hold it in the oven.

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Cut into portion slices and sprinkle with chopped parsley. Mmm, delicious. Bon appetit