Just pizza

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We decided with her husband to dine on pizza, and at the same time to try as it turns out the dough for her bread maker. Dough recipe the simplest of instructions... but over filling is already her husband had been working, because I do not doubt, what good will come of this... in Fact, to put here never thought, but then decided, because photo is mid-process))

Ingredients for Just pizza

Step by step instruction of cooking Just pizza

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To prepare the dough in the bread machine, how to instructions. Distribute it on the baking sheet. Prepare the ingredients for the filling - all finely cut into strips, cheese grate. Applied to the mesh batter from the ketchup, he put the cucumbers, sprinkle part of the cheese. Cheese - a layer of sausage, then peppers

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Pepper again sprinkle cheese on it - a layer of smoked sausage, then chopped tomatoes

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And finally to fall asleep cheese, preferably more, and put in the oven, preheated to 200 gr. Oven until cooked.