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Fresh Bircher muesli

Fresh Bircher muesli

Breakfast. I think that in the menu of each of a 5 star hotel you are sure to find the Bircher muesli. In addition, they are an integral part of the diet of Hollywood beauties. After Swiss chocolate, and fondue is another culinary pride of Switzerland. But most importantly, they are healthy, tasty and loved by children and adults. Every morning, they "support" may look different because it depends on your desires, capabilities and imagination. I present my current version.

Cooking time 10 minutes Number of servings5

Ingredients for Fresh Bircher muesli

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Fresh Bircher muesli

Step 1

This morning I just checked what kind of fruit I have, what is desirable and what is time, otherwise they will not live until tomorrow.

Step 2

Then, the chosen ones, I finely cut cubes and misted with lemon juice, not to dark! Added a half can of canned pineapple and syrup from the jar. Mixed.

Step 3

Took about the same amount of Bircher muesli mixture. All mixed.

Step 4

Added a couple of tablespoons of wonderful liquid honey and corn flakes.
A little cinnamon. Low-fat yogurt. Gently stirred.
Ready! Before serving put in the fridge to soak!
Health for children and adults!