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Vanilla-chocolate cheesecake-cheesecake

Vanilla-chocolate cheesecake-cheesecake

Delicate cheesecake-cheesecake, in which alternating white and dark layers. Nearly impossible to put down.

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Ingredients for Vanilla-chocolate cheesecake-cheesecake

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Vanilla-chocolate cheesecake-cheesecake

Step 1

The oven is heated to 175 C. Melt the butter. In a water bath to melt the chocolate.

Step 2

Beat the eggs with the sugar until fluffy foam, then add the cheese, sour cream, melted butter, 4 tbsp flour mixed with salt and soda. Beat in a homogeneous mass.

Step 3

Half of the mass pour into a separate bowl.
In one part add 1 tbsp flour and vanilla sugar. Knead.

Step 4

To another add melted chocolate, is also good stirred into a homogeneous mass without white spots.

Step 5

Form grease with oil.
Pour into the center of the form one-by-1 tbsp chocolate first, then vanilla a lot.

Step 6

Bake at 175 C for more than an hour (I baked 1 hour and 20 -25 minutes).

Step 7

Leave in turned-off oven for another 30 minutes.

Step 8

Out. Fully cooling and tilting on a dish. And enjoy.

Step 9

Note: the Form is better to take silicone, preferably of the usual form, without different angles. The cheesecake can be very crack. There is nothing to worry. When the cheesecake cools, it will become more dense. And when he turns, all sets. Be sure to allow to cool completely.
Test get a lot. My favorite-the sunflower (as pictured) the test was in excess, so the residue poured into one small form.
The incision can be viewed on the forum.