Fried Moray eel in the Azores

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Moreia frita. The Azores Portuguese archipelago is located almost in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, between Europe and North America. Its 9 major Islands of volcanic origin - inhabited. The largest of them is the island of Sao Miguel (Sao Miguel). About the discovery of these Islands there are many versions, one contradictory to the other. We know exactly what the population began to appear on the Islands to 1432. One of the best places in the world for diving the Azores in 1995 received the award of the EU for the preservation of pristine nature and ecotourism. One of the local delicacies is considered to be the meat of eels, the recipe of which is published today. Not all countries have adopted the norm to use it in food. It depends I guess mostly on cultural traditions. In Portugal, eels are classified as game fish.

Ingredients for Fried Moray eel in the Azores

Step by step instruction of cooking Fried Moray eel in the Azores

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There are different types of Moray eels, almost all suitable for food. The meat of eels contains a huge number of y-shaped bones. A Moray eel with the least amount of bone is considered (Muraena helena). For tourists-divers - NEVER try to catch a snake, THERE is NO SUCH GLOVES, which can stand against her sharp teeth! Morays are POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS to humans.

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So, a photo of our Moray (Muraena helena). Selected in the store. (4.3 Euros per kg.): -)
Usually the fish seller always prepares it for buyers. In the case of eels, guts, severed heads, cut into transverse pieces. The skin has no scales and edible.

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The fish must be washed, let the water drain out,

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Marinated in a mixture of wine, vinegar, salt, garlic and a mixture of chili pepper (I added a cooked mixture of sweet bell pepper, bitter, chili, and salt). Marinate overnight. The fish is very greasy, needs to marinate at least 12 hours.

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Upon expiration, take out the fish pieces from the marinade, allow the liquid to drain. Dip them in flour and fry in oil. The fish is very good to fry, especially the skin (crisp). Served this fish with boiled vegetables and potatoes. Bon appetit! I want to add that the meat of the eels has a very specific taste and extremely fatty. Time in life is to try.