Pie from the pumpkin and leek

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fragrant and delicious pie

Ingredients for Pie from the pumpkin and leek

Step by step instruction of cooking Pie from the pumpkin and leek

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Clean the pumpkin from the skin and seeds, slice it into pieces in the thickness approximately 1 see
Take the pan to the oven, cover it with aluminum paper, put on it slices of pumpkin, salt and pepper (to taste) and cover it all is also aluminum paper.
Bake for 20 minutes at 180*C.

Wash, clean the leek, slice it thin slices.

In a nonstick pan and gently press to toast the pine nuts with a small piece of butter, and then here add a leek, and 2 Bay leaves; pan cover and simmer the contents over low heat for about 15 minutes.

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After giving this mixture to cool slightly, pour into a bowl, there also add diced ham, 1 egg and part of the grated Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper to taste.

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Take a few slices of white bread, trim the crusts and cut each slice into 4 pieces to make squares, about 7 by 7 cm is Necessary somewhere in the 14 squares.
Collapsible to take shape for cakes, grease it with butter and diameter (at the walls of the mold) to put the pieces of bread. On the bottom of the form to lay out baked pieces of pumpkin.
In the resulting "basket " of pumpkin and bread, we spread our mixture of leeks, evenly distribute it by the diameter of the form.
Sprinkle with rest of cheese and put the pieces of butter.