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The other day I was treated to some pretty tasty pastries (it was in the form of eclairs with cheese). Then I was told that it was a French pastry with cheese choux pastry, called Guger. Of course, the recipe no one knew. I had to resort to the help of the net. And here's what I found. Quote "Gugeri – dish Burgundy, there they will not surprise anyone, in national cookbooks recipe also sometimes occurs. But your life path is likely to meet the French, who never about them heard, and especially not tried. And for good reason. Because it is very h-h-shade delicious, easy to perform and very convenient when cooking for the holidays your cloth on the ground or just take guests. " I Found a recipe prepared to share with you.

Ingredients for Huger

Step by step instruction of cooking Huger

Шаг 1

Pour into a saucepan the water + butter (margarine) + salt, pepper, nutmeg. Bring to a boil.

Шаг 2

Once boiled pour all the flour and knead well until smooth (the dough should be smooth).

Шаг 3

After remove from fire, allow a few minutes to stand up and beat in the eggs one by one. Knead again until smooth.

Шаг 4

Now take the cheese (about 120g, and 30 reserve), cut it into cubes and beat in gently into the dough. To let it sit for about an hour.

Шаг 5

Deco, cover with paper and grease with butter (margarine). Take the dough formed from the first semblance of bread and put it on Deco. After in the middle of making "the hole" (only more). I have a little, I realized then, when huger baked (in the next photo we will see).
Now take the rest of cheese (30g) cut into cubes and spread on top of dough (as pictured).

Шаг 6

Turn on the oven at 180-200* and can be immediately put (and it can be a little warm). I put in a cold oven. Bake until tender 30-40 minutes (mine took longer, probably 1 hour, maybe a little more). Ready gujari should be a light yellow-Golden color (not brown will be dry). Cubes of cheese that you put on top, should melt but not to boil.
Guger at the end remove and let cool slightly.