Dried smelt

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Homemade fish beer.

Ingredients for Dried smelt

Step by step instruction of cooking Dried smelt

Шаг 1

Salted smelt.
Smelt 500g., salt 50g.
Take fresh smelt. If frozen, thaw.
Pour it with salt and leave for a day (in the refrigerator do not remove). Pour it with salt, each fish needs to be covered.

Шаг 2

Leave for a day (in the refrigerator do not remove).
By the evening, the salt disappeared, the fish is juicy and looks like this.

Шаг 3

Fish strung on nylon thread (threading it through the eye).
Suspended fish on the balcony, at night a bunch, substituting under her pelvis to glass liquid. At night the fish will dry up. Distribute
fish on a string that she did not touch each other.
The fish should hang a few days, so as well dried out and became hard. It is best to dry fish on the balcony in the shade.

The fish is ready, you can enjoy a beer!