Stew meat "should."

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Stew this doing since Soviet times (tady know how it was? get, seize more "Pro stock" and how to store? Uh-uh, no, frozen foods were not, and there was a tiny freezer in the refrigerator, which included 1 chicken... am I already so old, ugh!). So we were forced to come up with any kind of "necessity is the mother of invention!" Broke banks only 1 time - the chicken from the bones are not separated, but it is combustible tears flowed... And good luck

Ingredients for Stew meat "should."

Step by step instruction of cooking Stew meat "should."

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Meat separated from the bone is required, extra fat (some still remain) and films to remove.
Cut the meat into nice neat slices (the chicken can not cut and leave the pieces as they were left after separation from the bones).
In a deep bowl, mix salt and all spices (to taste) - allow to stand.
That hour from the bones and scraps to cook the broth and strain. Cool.

Banks to sterilize.
Fold meat tightly, trying not to leave any voids. The meat will release the juice. If the meat is covered with juice, then fill with broth.
Banks close, spinning, but not quite tight, not until the very end... Commercials, so palovartija left to screw...

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Put jars in a deep pan, pour water (in the pan, of course), this construction is put in a cold oven. Tek-with, now we need to cook the stew at a temperature of about 108-110° how to achieve? Or do you have a thermometer for the oven or - as I do - cut in the oven a bit taller than 110°, because (as I found) what is stated on "control panel" the stove does not meet its "internal data" (just as in us humans).

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The cooking time of the product depends directly on the meat (chicken rather than 1 hour, a maximum of 1.5) for pork, veal and lamb from 1.5 to 2 hours for beef at least 3 hours) - and note! - the countdown is on when the desired temperature! If anyone is really quite old-fashioned oven, the output (ehma where our Sov will be lost?) - you will see how the meat juice boil from the banks from here and went...

At expiry, the banks take out and immediately "dosagethe" flip - after 5 minutes, flip them over (sorry!) "back" allow to cool: you can eat or store (preferably in the cold, I mean in the fridge).
If you plan to store longer, then the next day - a little insurance - repeat sterilization in the oven.