Cookies *all year Round *

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The reason I called it cookies *all year Round?*. Yes all is very simple - after all the beets you can get in a whole year. This recipe for over 20 years!!!

Ingredients for Cookies *all year Round *

Step by step instruction of cooking Cookies *all year Round *

Шаг 1

Here is a set of products for biscuits

Шаг 2

Softened margarine, add in the flour (with baking powder) - stir well.

Шаг 3

Beat egg and add to it the sugar with the vanilla = mix well.
Then this mixture add the flour with the margarine.

Шаг 4

Boiled beets RUB on a grater and add to the total weight = mix well(I did it with the help of a blender).
Here is the dough should look .

Шаг 5

Put your new helper in the kitchen ,workplace, and Lodge in it gradually his dough.

Шаг 6

When the dough is shown from the holes of the grinder,I just picked up left hand and right hand(with a knife), cut the desired portion

Шаг 7

Shift the cookies (which give the hand shape) on a baking sheet,which is prepared with baking paper.
Send the sheet in a heated oven (temp. 150 - 170 gr.).
Bake (depending on size of course) about 20 to 30 minutes(slightly brown biscuits on top)

Шаг 8

I got 2 sheets of these cookies - one as seashells,other like sticks.

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