Paneer with tomatoes in a cream sauce

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Recipe for Indian dishes paneer-homemade cheese, found in the network. I liked the combination of favorite tomatoes, paneer, and thanks to the sour cream and the spices the dish is so juicy and spicy. Cooked very quickly and easy, but taste wonderful!

Ingredients for Paneer with tomatoes in a cream sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Paneer with tomatoes in a cream sauce

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Heat the ghee or oil in the casserole, add a grain of cumin(Jeera).

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When the grain will darken - after 30 seconds, add cut into 8 pieces of oblong slices of tomato. I sanded the tomatoes, because the skin is very easily separated during stirring, and a paddle for meshaniya I take it away from the cauldron.

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Immediately to the tomatoes add the salt,turmeric,black pepper and coriander.

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Meanwhile, the paneer should be broken into pieces of convenient size. It reclamati, and not to cut because then tiny pieces of paneer will zagustet sauce.

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A few minutes fry all together on medium heat.

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When tomatoes are ready, add the greens

Шаг 7

sour cream and immediately remove from heat.

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The dish is ready - Bon appetit!