BBQ sauce

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Very similar to the sauce from McDonald's, I like. Very tasty sauce and is suitable for many dishes. I have learned to do in store for the BBQ sauce, don't buy, I don't like them after that. For all Solomonov.

Ingredients for BBQ sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking BBQ sauce

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Squeezing sauce into a saucepan with a thick bottom and add all the ingredients (for those who like spicy, you can add Cayenne pepper and a few drops of Tabasco). Put on a small fire. Sauce you can make your own, dilute tomato paste with water to desired consistency, but then you need more seasoning. But if purchased, it is better to use with a minimum amount of additives.

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Carefully begin to interfere, better than Corolla because mustard taken lumps.

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Cook for 7-15 minutes until the desired consistency if you want thicker you can add cornstarch and carefully way.

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I poured the hot bottles in the fridge. Great to lubricate the meat or the skewers during cooking. We have guests even who are indifferent to sauces, so it crack cracks behind the ears :-)