Manti with pumpkin and potatoes

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Of course the meat dumplings taste so much better if you used lamb, but the pumpkin and they turn out delicious and flavorful.

Ingredients for Manti with pumpkin and potatoes

Step by step instruction of cooking Manti with pumpkin and potatoes

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Used products

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So first pumpkin peeled and mode cubes.

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Also cut the onions and potatoes.

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Luke should be more. Let me explain why. It onions instead of the potatoes gives this dish the aroma and taste, but also because juicy "structure" compensates for the lack of fat.

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Mix with the pumpkin. Definitely add salt and cumin. All mix, pour vegetable oil.
We leave our meat to really soak in the spices.

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Then the dough cut into wedges.

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Each block divide into smaller sections.

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Formed, hurting fingers, flapjack

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Roll out thin and its diameter is 10cm. Roll out circles, put the filling in the center, about 1 tablespoon.

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Thus remain free two semicircles on the left and the right, if you imagine that the semi-finished product lies parallel. Find the top of these semicircles, bring them over the filling and previously zasypnye "ends" and again suscipiam. The result is an almost square pouch.

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Then a slight movement of the palm of your hand give the manta rays a rectangular shape.

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Now the bottom of each semi-finished product should be lightly dipped in vegetable oil poured into a saucer. This will prevent the dumplings from sticking to the tier of the steamer.

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Manti put to prepare dumplings while being tightly covered with a lid 30-35 minutes.
Boiling water under the steamer should be fairly rapid, about than witness the steam that will come out from under the covers.
Manty gently "overloaded" in a big dish. You abundantly watered them with butter or oil sour cream.