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Birthday husband cooked a lot of Goodies, but the hit dish was gruel! Neizbity, tasty and easy dish.

Ingredients for Kulesh

Step by step instruction of cooking Kulesh

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About Kulesh V. pohlebkin wrote: "Less common than the borscht, the Ukrainian national dish is a porridge - palupera-polyvore".
The proportions and method of preparation I indicate your.
In boiling water showered washed millet, cooked until soft.
Photos came out dark, steam is prevented.

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Meanwhile, cut potato cubes and added to a semi-millet. Cook until cooked.
If the water was not enough, dobavljaca hot water. Porridge should be thick soup, but a little less than a mess.

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Sliced onion

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Highlights Kulesza - cracklings! Here is the meat I took to make them.
The fat with the meat then does not hurt!

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The meat is washed, be sure to dry out!
Cut into pieces

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The pan put on medium heat, put the meat with the fat and heat to obtain fat and viarenich pieces of meat, at the end of salt.
Add chopped onion, fry until tender.

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To ready millet with potatoes added cracklings, mixed, doolie and pepper.

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The greens served with the finished dish.
I was not allowed to sleep "bread plates" from Svet32lana (recipe 27539). Therefore, using the recipe of her wonderful plates, I made them for filing Kulesza.
The guests were delighted!

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Help yourself to health! Bon appetit!