New potatoes "in the pot"

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It's like a kind of potatoes "apples of Paradise", which is baked in the oven with butter. Just to make it faster.

Ingredients for New potatoes "in the pot"

Step by step instruction of cooking New potatoes "in the pot"

Шаг 1

Need a deep thick-walled cast iron pot with a tight lid, preferably with refrigerium coverage, the cauldron, the goose-girl, deep saucepan, wok. I have the pan-wok.

Pour on the bottom rastitelnoe oil more than regular frying, but much less than for frying in oil..
The potato is better to take the type "peas" or in the size of cherry tomatoes.
Not cleaned.
Wash thoroughly, dry with a dry towel. A little add salt.

Шаг 2

Throw into the hot fat and cover tightly with a lid. Around the handles fold towel, so that it recorded the cover, and fry, shaking constantly, to the roast was uniform. The fire a little more than average.

Шаг 3

At this time, cut greens – a small bunch of dill or parsley. A couple of cloves of garlic finely chop.
After 15 minutes check - done or not. Pour on potatoes, greens, garlic and a little sea salt, add 20 grams of butter.
Close again, shake for a few minutes, leave on low heat.
Spread on a dish and serve immediately – this appetitnaya out with a beautiful crust!