Pineapple dessert with Basil "belly Dance"

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Some time ago, my idea of "pineapple plus Basil" on the "Cook" took it as a joke...

Ingredients for Pineapple dessert with Basil "belly Dance"

Step by step instruction of cooking Pineapple dessert with Basil "belly Dance"

Шаг 1

Peel the pineapple.

Шаг 2

First, cut it into circles with a thickness of about 1.5 cm, then each circle into cubes.

Шаг 3

Divided into equal portions, put into a suitable container.

Шаг 4

Finely chop Basil, lime cut in half.

Шаг 5

Juice from one half a lime pour pineapple in bowl.
Pour maple syrup, sprinkle with cinnamon and Basil.
The second half of a lime cut into slices and put in each portion for decoration.

Шаг 6

The finished dish can decorate the rest of the pineapple top.
Served with a Sunny smile and eat with pleasure!