Red fish with cheese sauce

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And again a fish dish. Simple and delicious.

Ingredients for Red fish with cheese sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Red fish with cheese sauce

Шаг 1

Wash and peel red fish,

Шаг 2

cut it in slices, remove the backbone,

Шаг 3

sprinkle with salt and flavoured with spices.

Шаг 4

Lightly fry in vegetable oil on both sides.
Lubricating oil a baking dish and put the fish in there.

Шаг 5

Sour cream mixed with half the quantity of grated cheese and spices.

Шаг 6

Mix well

Шаг 7

and fill the fish.
Bake in the oven.

Шаг 8

The remaining grated cheese mixed with herbs.
When fish is almost ready, sprinkle the cheese and place into the oven.

Шаг 9

Once the crust is browned, the dish is ready. Savory!