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Vegetable appetizer "Sea depth"

Vegetable appetizer

This appetizer is very simple, it can be used for banquets and receptions. I did it in the form of flora and fauna of the seabed, but you can just chop the vegetables, some boiled and served with a wonderful sauce. For the contest "Vegetable traffic light".

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Ingredients for Vegetable appetizer "Sea depth"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Vegetable appetizer "Sea depth"

Step 1

In addition to the listed ingredients for this snack good celery, cherry tomatoes, boiled asparagus... but as I do not have, I did the best of my vegetables. Begin the process with the production of fish from carrots, beets and radishes. Cut out all the figurines out of raw vegetables, and when figures are ready, they need to be cooked (beets, carrots).
Chop the vegetables slices.

Step 2

Cut the "mouth" of the future fish.

Step 3

Now the generated "body", the fins and tail.

Step 4

Cut the scales to do this, cut the semi-circles and then cut them out of the pulp. In the same way, cut the strips on the fins and tail.

Step 5

When the fish are ready, boil the potatoes, cauliflower and fish, beets, and some of the fish out of carrots. Most of the fish from carrots leave the raw, since raw carrots are a very good snack.

Step 6

Radish cut octopus and starfish.

Step 7

Cucumber - seaweed.

Step 8

When the vegetable part of meals ready, start the sauce. To do this, combine mayonnaise with sour cream, soy sauce and mix thoroughly.
To this mixture add dried herbs (Basil, oregano, thyme), garlic, onion, paprika, chili pepper, mix everything and get excellent sauce for vegetables.

Step 9

All ready, were all the vegetables to get to the bottom of the sea with a unique flora and fauna.
Start with installing "rocks and coral," it will be boiled potatoes and cauliflower.

Step 10

Insert the fish "eyes", using the cloves. Insert toothpicks to further embed them in the composition.

Step 11

Now placed the fish, algae, other members of the bottom of the sea. In a saucepan pour our sauce and put together.

Step 12

Dip fish in sauce, put them in your mouth. Very tasty! Your guests will be surprised by this design snacks!

Step 13

Bon appetit!