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An Apple for dessert

An Apple for dessert

When I in the childhood was fond of carving... so decided to remember... only to have Apple))) When beginning to cut, the recipe was born by itself... So I suggest it for the contest "Sweet taste of summer".

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Step 1

Now cut along the contour of the petals of the extra flesh of the Apple to make like a flower. Then in the middle to cut the hole.

Step 2

Now take the bottom part of the Apple, we need to pull out the flesh... As I said, set for carving I have, so I did the following - cut with a knife in a circle, and then a teaspoon was trying to get the pulp. The main thing is not to cut through the Apple through.

Step 3

From the pulp of the Apple removed the core, and the rest shredded.

Step 4

The crushed Apple pulp is put into the pan, and then decided to add a banana. I finely cut. Added two tablespoons of sour cream. Put on a small fire and stirring occasionally cooked until thick sour cream.

Step 5

Amazing smell, flying around the kitchen, he brought my lover who was asked to make with a little sour dessert... And I added to this mix the lemon juice ;-). In General, when the cream has thickened and appeared slightly brownish tint, I added sugar and all are well mixed.

Step 6

Bon appetit!

Step 7

With apples cut off the top.