Grilled vegetables "9 minute marinator" from Rustam

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Lovers of vegetables, baked on the coals, will find here an interesting marinade recipe:) Go, you will not regret it! Summer is in full swing, and this recipe for Your next picnic! This recipe I was pleased with the husband of the younger sister of Rustam, who cooks just great! With his permission, publish the recipe here. The comic and the name of the dish came after watching in on TV a story about some fancy device for marinating:)

Ingredients for Grilled vegetables "9 minute marinator" from Rustam

Step by step instruction of cooking Grilled vegetables "9 minute marinator" from Rustam

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In the morning before the picnic half-liter pot, prepare the marinade. Mix olive oil, Apple cider and balsamic vinegar. Be sure to stock up on a device for pickling, "she" - a large plastic bag without holes! :) The photo is of the ingredients for the marinade and not only:)

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Squeezing the frog in the vegetables garlic. Garlic, by the way, you can squeeze in the marinade still at home.

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Add paprika, black pepper, soy sauce, pour in the package of marinade.

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Spread portions on the bars.

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Fry for 10 minutes on hot coals.

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Our vegetables are ready! Vodka, which had not yet become warm in the sun – the most it! And without the vodka too! Bon appetit!