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Casserole with zucchini and cheese

Casserole with zucchini and cheese

The recipe for this casserole was shared by the cook "aunt Mary" one of the culinary sites. Thank you for the recipe! I cooked, and we liked it, especially cold. Although it may be someone hot delicious seem.

Cooking time 80 minutes Number of servings6

Ingredients for Casserole with zucchini and cheese

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Casserole with zucchini and cheese

Step 1


Step 2

Chop the onion and lightly fry.
Zucchini grate on a coarse grater, set aside for 5-10 minutes and then drain.
Finely chop the dill and parsley.
RUB on a coarse grater cheese.

Step 3

Combine all the ingredients, stir, add flour, nutmeg, pepper, salt as needed and eggs.

Step 4

Put the mass into shape, greased and put bake in the oven, preheated to 180 gr. for 45-55 minutes.

Step 5

Bon appetit!