Candy made from dried fruits "Coconut balls"

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Prescription Eugene forum "cooking at home". Very delicious dessert, worthy and healthy replacement to candy. Optionally, the balls can roll in chopped nuts, it will turn out even tastier.

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Ingredients for Candy made from dried fruits "Coconut balls"

Step by step instruction of cooking Candy made from dried fruits "Coconut balls"

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Fry the hazelnuts and peel, dates to clean from the bones, melt honey,lemon slice.All mince(except hazelnut), lemon with peel,add honey, cinnamon or vanilla, mix well.get viscous mass.

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Hand just to moisten with water,roll into balls size of a walnut,putting in the middle of a whole hazelnut.

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Then the finished balls roll them well in coconut. Put on a tray or in a box and let dry overnight or a day at room temperature.