Blueberry jam "joy to the eyes"

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Blueberries are very good for the metabolic processes in the retina. Sitting at the computer, taking with him a slice of bread with blueberry jam. My jam does not require a lot of sugar and time. Bon appetit

Ingredients for Blueberry jam "joy to the eyes"

Step by step instruction of cooking Blueberry jam "joy to the eyes"

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Pour a few cups of berries into a blender and grind. Fill a pot with water and pour 2 cups of sugar, put on low heat, once the sugar begins to dissolve pour into a saucepan the blueberries in a blender, after 5 minutes stirring add the rest of the sugar.

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Now, when the pot begins to boil the syrup, pour the remaining blueberries and cook 25 minutes, at the end of cooking in a jam add lemon juice. Yet I conjure to jam, I have in the oven to sterilise jars, I will pour blueberry yummy.

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The closed jars upside down, soft with love to wrap up in a blanket, let them rest O:-)the Jam turns out a fragrant, delicious moderately thick. Help yourself. I wish you health