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"Chicken special" in broccoli sauce


Often, fry cutlets, Yes, a lot! All the usual sauces tired. Today prepared special cakes! A digression, there was a light on the broccoli-moccoli, and her house was in the garden, which was near a beautiful quiet lake. In the lake lived a lot of frogs and then one day one of them rode into the garden, where she lived, broccoli, Boccoli and went to see it, croaked: - You who? - I - broccoli-makkoli. - What are you doing? - I don't know, sitting here on the swing. - But you're already matured. - You never know. Want to hang, and want to go for a walk. "No," said the frog – if you're broccoli-moccoli, you food, and your job is to be eaten. - It's something I'm eating? – exclaimed indignantly broccoli, Boccoli – here's another! I don't want to eat me. I want to walk. - You don't know – tried to reason with her frog, the frog, so I'm supposed to jump and croak. And you, broccoli, Boccoli, then you are supposed to slice them in a salad. - Right now I'm in you salad will cut you a French delicacy – with the threat uttered broccoli, Boccoli. And the frog, frightened, jumped the fence and was as follows. Evgeny Terekhin.

Cooking time 40 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for "Chicken special" in broccoli sauce

Step-by-step instruction of cooking "Chicken special" in broccoli sauce

Step 1

Chops to lay down in a baking dish

Step 2

Broccoli and carrots are chopped into slices, parboil in slightly salted water. The broth does not pour.

Step 3

Put boiled vegetables into meatballs, add the onion

Step 4

Melted cheese mixed with vegetable broth and pour our meatballs.

Step 5

Bake cakes for 30-35 minutes and serve! On a garnish submit a potato or horns!