Salad in pita bread "A La Shawarma"

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Walking past the kebab stalls, inadvertently pull the nose to the smell of chicken, but only stops the fact that the filling of this Taco is sometimes just necessary not to everyone's taste. Here I am, not having time to eat at work, I thought about this dish, came to the house and thought up)) (do not claim originality, but was delicious)

Ingredients for Salad in pita bread "A La Shawarma"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad in pita bread "A La Shawarma"

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Because there was the thighs, I decided to bake them in the oven, that the meat was juicier. To do this, my peel from the skin, RUB with spices. Lightly greased a baking sheet with sunflower oil, put the thighs on a baking sheet, spread on top of the mushrooms to add flavor and taste. Then put the pan with the chicken in a well-heated oven for about 30 minutes.

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When the chicken is ready, remove from the surface soaked in chicken juice and put mushrooms in a separate plate. The chicken chop itself, i.e., separate the meat from the bones and fat and then finely chop.

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Further, when all the ingredients are ready, spread pita bread with sauce the place where you will put the stuffing.

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The filling laid out as follows: first a layer of meat, then tomatoes, greens, peppers, pickles, mushrooms and cheese.

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Stuffing wrap it up as follows: close the top and bottom, and then wrap completely in a pita.

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Next, finish the envelope, put on a dry frying pan and lightly fry on two sides, fold the bottom napkin in the bag so was easy to eat.