Sauce sweet and sour "Not tkemali"

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In the country now an abundance of everything - and vegetables and berries all different. To be honest, to create this sauce was inspired by the basis for the hash from is not ripe apricots, subtract one journal. Started to make the basis for a hash - and the result was a delicious sauce, like plum sauce, but not from the sink! At the cottage with my mom rolled 22 (!) 700 gram jars of sauce, and on arrival home decided to make "now". Ate!

Ingredients for Sauce sweet and sour "Not tkemali"

Step by step instruction of cooking Sauce sweet and sour "Not tkemali"

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To photograph the beginning not at first, is quite forgotten about it. In istrumenti already boiled carrot, chopped into slices, seedless cherries, apricots, pitted. Of course, before cooking all filled with water just to cover.

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Cut cucumbers and peppers bogarskogo NOT VERY FINELY.

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My green is basalik, celery, and dill (can be any other according to your taste).

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Have pokipala trio of carrots, apricots and cherries - put them cucumber and pepper.

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Then the greens. Salt, pepper, add vinegar.

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Have pokipala a bit - mixed in a blender, cooled.

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And begin to eat! With boiled rice, buckwheat, pasta, potatoes, meat, chicken, sausages...