Fish cakes "Pike"

128 - 90 минут -

With another fishing brought a bunch of Fried pike.. do not want, do not want stuffed, poached with herbs too. And make me you, my capricious-household, cakes! Here are some of them you will not refuse. It is done! Oh, and it turned out delicious, delicious!!!

Ingredients for Fish cakes "Pike"

Step by step instruction of cooking Fish cakes "Pike"

Шаг 1

Here were these fish, or rather, a small part of them.
Only the head was drawn at 2,100!

Шаг 2

First fileroom

Шаг 3

Then remove the fillet from the skin.
That skin contains this specific, not pleasing to all taste.

Шаг 4

Mince by adding onions and pork fat.
In minced meat add soaked in milk bread, beaten egg, salt and pepper to taste, mix thoroughly.

Шаг 5

With wet hands form patties and dip them them in breadcrumbs.
From this amount of mince I got 32 meatballs, so I have to freeze. At the bottom of the dish sprinkled flour to avoid sticking.

Шаг 6

Fry both sides in vegetable oil.
Bon appetit, my dear!