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Bread with zucchini

Bread with zucchini

This idea inspired me Gurmansha. She recently posted a bread with zucchini and cheese, but made in the oven. I decided to experiment with the bread machine, based on the zucchini. Turned out very tasty bread and butter, really delicious. I have a LG stove.

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Step 1

Lay the food in the stove in order of priority. The squash and the egg, I laid with milk.
Crush the garlic in any way (it does not matter).
Put the program "main bread" (I have 3 hours 40 minutes), the crust as desired, the loaf turned out I have a medium (780гр.).

Step 2

At the end of glebchik take out, allow to cool and eat. BON APPETIT!.