Green beans braised with vegetables

125 - 60 минут 4 порции

Probably each of us can say "I love, like my mother". I so do love! Basically mom's recipe, but without the variations, I can't!

Ingredients for Green beans braised with vegetables

Step by step instruction of cooking Green beans braised with vegetables

Шаг 1

I washed and cleaned the beans, cut it in large pieces.

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Put into the pan, added butter, salt and put it to stew under a cover on slow fire.
Meanwhile, cut onion polyolefine, added, rubbed carrots - the same cut and add the tomatoes. It is clear that when you add each additional vegetable all well mixed.
While I was busy with the vegetables, my beans are almost reached.

Шаг 3

Have prototile even a little bit, then did a mash out eggs with black pepper and pour into the pan. Now stir not!
Gave under the hood "privatise" egg - our dish is ready!