Pancakes with chicken hearts and ventricles

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Very tasty pancakes, try it!

Ingredients for Pancakes with chicken hearts and ventricles

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancakes with chicken hearts and ventricles

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Milk. water, eggs, salt. sugar, baking soda and oil beat with a mixer gradually adding the sifted flour. the batter should not be thick, it must be liquid, then the pancakes will be thin and delicate, if you got the dough gustavito can be diluted with boiled water. Put the dough in the fridge for 2 hours (during this time, "bad" the gluten in the dough relaxes and the pancakes turn out very tender, you can leave on all night), before baking the dough, beat again and bake pancakes. The pan all the time to grease with a brush dipped in vegetable oil, fry the pancake on one side, and on the other only a little to "grab", then fried side to butter it.

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Prepared the ventricles and hearts and fry, then pour a little water, add Bay leaf and saute until soft over low heat for 1 hour.
Then skip through Mincer, add salt and pepper to taste. Then adding on not a lot of broth in which the filling dish is served to bring to desired firmness (do not pour that was not liquid!).

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Then put the filling on a spoon on the toasted side of the pancake and wrap

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Then fry until Golden brown in vegetable oil (!) (do not fry in butter, it burns and smokes, and make the pancakes greasy).
In the filling you can add some (300 grams of chicken liver).