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Chicken baked with apples, "Wine and honey"

Chicken baked with apples,

Very flavorful and juicy the chicken turned out. The guests were even baked potatoes which are also very fragrant turned out the way it was baked next. And my side dish was enough apples (fortunately, I never ate!!!).

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Ingredients for Chicken baked with apples, "Wine and honey"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Chicken baked with apples, "Wine and honey"

Step 1

To prepare the marinade. To do this, mix the mustard, honey, pressed garlic (2 tooth.), rosemary..

Step 2

Add the wine.

Step 3

Chicken RUB with salt and pepper.

Step 4

Apples cut into slices (removing serdtsevinka), place in the marinade. Leave for 20 minutes.

Step 5

After this time, Apple stuffed chicken.

Step 6

The remaining marinade, pour over the chicken.

Step 7

Peel the potatoes, cut into wedges. Put on a baking tray lined with foil. Salt - to taste. On potatoes to put the chicken.

Step 8

Squeeze the potatoes, the remaining garlic.

Step 9

And a little sprinkle with wine.

Step 10

Put in a preheated 190 ° oven. Bake until ready. You can check on the chicken by making a puncture a long, thin knife. Should be allocated a transparent liquid. I have cooked about an hour.

Step 11

Ready chicken.