Ordinary vinaigrette

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Everyone knows that salad is one of the most delicious and simple dishes, and today I want to offer you my version of the recipe of this dish, but I think that many people prepare it the same way

Ingredients for Ordinary vinaigrette

Step by step instruction of cooking Ordinary vinaigrette

Шаг 1

put stew vegetables: potatoes, carrots, beets

Шаг 2

once the vegetables are cooked, prepare the remaining ingredients

Шаг 3

while vegetables are cooling, put the cooked dishes green peas(the sequence of addition of ingredients is not important, subsequently all will be mixed)

Шаг 4

cut onions, put in a bowl

Шаг 5

cut into cubes pickled cucumbers and also spread to the peas and onions

Шаг 6

after the vegetables cool, cut them in cubes too and add to all ingredients

Шаг 7

sprinkle with salt and pour sunflower oil and mix everything

Шаг 8

you can put in the fridge for an hour or two in order to dish the real thing, and you can just decorate and serve. Simply delicious.