Gazpacho cherry tomato "Tom and cherry"

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The recipe for this unusual dessert showed up in the journal "Picard". My curiosity could not leave it without attention. The result was just amazed... the Acidity of the tomato makes completely different "tune" the taste of cherries, cinnamon and ginger give this gazpacho is velvety, sweet and at the same time spicy taste. Anything else I've tried!

Ingredients for Gazpacho cherry tomato "Tom and cherry"

Step by step instruction of cooking Gazpacho cherry tomato "Tom and cherry"

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From such quantity of cherries and of tomatoes makes approximately 200 ml of gazpacho.

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To begin with, clean the cherry pits.

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Now, using a small grater or blender make a puree of black cherry and tomato. Grind the tomatoes without peel and cherries can be with her.

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In the finished puree add the honey, sugar, cinnamon and ginger.
Do not forget that cinnamon and ginger are very "bright" taste to it, so try to strictly observe the proportions.

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All carefully mix and put to cool in the fridge for 10 minutes.

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Pour into a suitable dish and served to the table.
You can eat with a spoon or just drink from a Cup.
Bon appetit!