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Spices "Garam masala"

Spices "Garam masala"

Well, that got around to continue my story about "Method, Masala" the art of cooking spices. This time I want to tell you how to prepare such mixtures of spices as "Curry", "Tandoori Masala" and others. Tell you the example of the most popular blend in India and among the professional chefs of the highest skill. The use of this mixture in the dishes almost always ensures success, imparting unique flavors and absolutely stunning aroma.

Cooking time 20 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Spices "Garam masala"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Spices "Garam masala"

Step 1

In Hindi "Garam" means "hot" and "Masala" - "spices". Spices used in Garam-Masala really "warm", so they are indispensable in cold weather and the winter season for those who are prone to colds and hypothermia.

Garam Masala is a perfect blend of spices for soups of beans and peas, and also for fried snacks, sauces, vegetable salads and vinaigrettes.
Amazing shades of taste Garam Masala sweet dishes: muffins, cakes with apples, pears, pumpkin, etc., ovsjanogo cookies, hot herbal tea and fruit (especially Apple and pear) drinks.

Garam Masala is one of the most popular spice blends among the best connoisseurs of the culinary art all over the world, is a versatile tool that can give food a unique taste and aroma.

Widely used in the practice of cooking nutritious and healing Ayurvedic dishes.

Step 2

So, cooking Garam Masala, as any Indian blend of spices, starts with toasting spices. Each spice is roasted separately because it requires a different toasting time. This process usually takes from several seconds to several minutes.

Cumin seeds with aromatic odor, is good for the entire body.

Cumin is often used in Ayurvedic cooking due to its its specific taste and wonderful healing properties. When "any" complaints of indigestion, you can simply say: - "Close your eyes and eat cumin!".

Cumin kindles the digestive fire and improves absorption of minerals in the intestine. It acts as a carminative and can have a mild analgesic effect. Cumin can reduce abdominal pain, nausea and diarrhea, and promotes tissue repair.

Step 3

Coriander has a sweet, astringent taste, has a cooling effect, has a sweet vipaka (taste after digestion). It fits all types of the Constitution. Coriander improves digestion, reduces fever and acts as a diuretic.

Step 4

Black pepper has a sharp taste, has a warming effect, has a sharp Viacom. It is useful for digestion, cough, worm infestations, and a beneficial effect on the lungs and heart.

Step 5

Cloves has a pungent, bitter taste, has a warming effect, has a sharp Viacom. This is a good tool to stimulate digestion, it has a positive effect when stagnation in the sinuses and congestion of the bronchial tree.

Step 6

So, we ended up roasting the whole spices and now for the roasting of spices ground. Roasting ground spices differs in that it requires much less amount of time, of the order of several seconds.

Cardamom has a sweet, sharp taste, cooling effect, pungent vipak. It is useful in cough, respiratory distress, burning sensation during urination and hemorrhoids. Cardamom helps digestion and improves the taste of food.

Step 7

Cinnamon has a sweet, spicy, bitter taste, has a warming effect and sharp Viacom. Cinnamon improves digestion, useful in toxic conditions (excess of AMA), improves circulation. Due to its ability to "thin" the blood, it prevents heart attacks.

Step 8

Nutmeg has a pungent, bitter astringent taste, has a warming effect, has a sharp Viacom. Nutmeg improves the taste of food. It stimulates digestion, reduces cough, promotes sleep and reduces pain.

Step 9

Well, we finished roasting the spices. Here the photo shows saffron. To fry is not necessary. This is a pretty expensive spice and Garam-Masala not required, therefore, in the absence thereof, it can be just not to add.

By the way, never buy powdered saffron, because under the guise of this precious spice often sell an ordinary turmeric!

Saffron has a sweet, spicy and bitter taste, has a cooling effect, has a sweet vipaka. It improves the color and condition of the skin. Among its many applications is the purification of blood, detoxification of the liver, tonic for the nervous system and the heart, "thinning" the blood.

Saffron enhances sexual feeling and increases sperm count. It is also used for coughs, colds, congestion and hemorrhoids.

Step 10

Place one piece of toasted grains in a mortar and milled in a separate bowl.

Step 11

Thoroughly mash the contents of the mortar with the pestle. If You do not have this "device", for grinding grains, use a regular grinder.

Step 12

Mix all spices in a blender and grind them until the powder.

Step 13

Well, I upgraded and got invaluable in terms of taste, aroma and useful properties of the product - Garam-Masala!
Be happy and healthy!