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Vegetable kebab "colors of summer"

Vegetable kebab

Fun vegetable Kebab marinated in soy sauce and honey. Fabulously delicate flavor . The competition vegetable snacks "Vegetable traffic light".

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Ingredients for Vegetable kebab "colors of summer"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Vegetable kebab "colors of summer"

Step 1

Prepare the products.

Step 2

Cucumbers divide into 6 parts. Removed with a special knife the middle(sprinkle with salt to let the juice,wash). Bow mode into 6 parts. Stuff the middle of the cucumbers .

Step 3

Pepper cut into strips (it is better to blanch it). Mushrooms mode in half.

Step 4

Tomatoes, cut not to end, remove the pulp,stuffed with an olive.

Step 5

Collect skewers.

Step 6

For the sauce - oil, vinegar, honey, sauce, pepper - stir.

Step 7

Marinade for our kebabs are constantly turning and basting with sauce. Fry kebabs on the coals in the grill or pan. Cut the second onion and pickle in our sauce.

Step 8

A ready shish kebab decorate according to your taste put pickled onions.To the sauce add the greens and pour the barbecue. Bon appetit.