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Vienna casserole

Vienna casserole

Tender and delicious zapekanka. The taste of my childhood. And then the recipe was lost. No matter how much I asked mum she never remembered. And here going through old magazines, I found this recipe in a magazine for 1971. My joy knew no bounds!This casserole had come to love my children, I baked only twice. Try it and you, maybe you'll love it too.

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Ingredients for Vienna casserole

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Vienna casserole

Step 1

Then add the zest grated and raisins.Stir.

Step 2

Add the flour and mix everything carefully.

Step 3

We love coconut,so add it.(In the original recipe coconut no.)

Step 4

Butter dissolve in the microwave or on the stove,pour in the curd mixture.All carefully stir.

Step 5

Mass spread on a baking sheet,zastelil his oiled paper or in form.Put in a preheated 170*With the oven for 30-40 minutes.

Step 6

After this time it turns out so yummy.(Sorry forgot to take a picture of a casserole,leaving only this piece:-D ).