Potato gratin with chicken and apricots

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Lately I just pull on kulinarstvo in the evenings. And not just for cooking, and kulinarstvo creativity and inventing recipes. Well, considering that I love all sorts of incongruous, at first glance, the combination of, this time also wanted meat with something sweet. And this time, I think of potato-chicken casserole with apricots. Turned out magically :)

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Ingredients for Potato gratin with chicken and apricots

Step by step instruction of cooking Potato gratin with chicken and apricots

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We first cook the potatoes and prepare a puree. Moreover, the sauce is always made with milk and (important) add the puree a little of the juice from apricots. Then on a greased baking tray with butter you need to put some mashed potatoes. Beautifully laid out on top halves of apricots.

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Now repel the chicken Breasts very well, almost in the old "rag".

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Whisk the egg.

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RUB the seasoning, sprinkle with coriander seeds, dip in beaten egg and then spread on mashed potatoes.

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The next step it is necessary to smear the remnants of the sauce on the chicken. You can even use a fork to draw on top of something beautiful :)

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Put in oven at 250-280 degrees for about half an hour. Readiness is determined by zarumyanilsya crust.
We pull out.

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Let cool slightly and serve :)