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Pies, pita real quick

Pies, pita real quick

Would it be correct to call them "Bertuch" I do not know. Perhaps this is one of the options. Taught to cook this wonderful dish my friend-Armenian Juliet armenovna. A huge thank you to her for that! For many years cook and the family never complains!

Cooking time 20 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Pies, pita real quick

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pies, pita real quick

Step 1

For the cheese filling: cheese grate, ham or finely chop or grate on a coarse grater. Mix with chopped greens.

Step 2

For cottage cheese filling: curd mash, squeezing a few cloves of garlic, potseluem and mix with chopped greens. You can take 50: 50 curd and cheese or Suluguni. Then you should not add some salt.

Step 3

Lavash is divided into two parts. On a pita spread the filling and wrap.
Wrap - step 1.

Step 4

Wrap - step 2.

Step 5

Wrap - step 3.

Step 6

We turned to the number of layers on both sides was the same.

Step 7

Quickly fry on both sides.

Step 8

Bon appetit!