Tomato sauce "Indian" from fresh tomatoes

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Incredibly simple, affordable, but at the same time absolutely amazing and awesome tomato sauce. Imagine a combination of traditional tomatoes gentle acidity and sweet floral flavor of honey combined with a light sharpness of pepper "Chile", the incredible taste of ginger and the unique flavour of fresh herbs. Presented? This is India's friends! Therefore, a combination of such, it would seem quite incongruous tastes - the usual case. Moreover, this recipe will tell you how is preparing tomato sauce at home and provide a wide scope for flight of your imagination, because the ingredients can be substituted for that which pleases your soul. So, tomato sauce, "Indian" from fresh tomatoes...

Ingredients for Tomato sauce "Indian" from fresh tomatoes

Step by step instruction of cooking Tomato sauce "Indian" from fresh tomatoes

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We will prepare all the necessary products. I think that is all clear, I can add something about the honey. The photo shows a jar of pine honey, but at the last moment, I replaced it with honey floral. The fact is that honey a more delicate flavor and I felt that it would be better. But, in any case, it does not matter and you can use any variety you wish.

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Now we need to prepare a Roux, which gives it that unique taste and aroma to which we aspire. Here we have the chopped herbs, chili pepper, a piece of peeled Ginger root and 30 grams of water.

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Put it all in a blender and process until receipt of such slurry.

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Combine all of this with one teaspoon of salt (a little more), one tablespoon of honey with the desired spices. Of the spices I recommend adding one tablespoon of ground cumin and one tablespoon of ground coriander. This sauce is a perfect combination.
All mix well.

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Now we need to clear tomatoes from the skin. How to do it? Very simple!
Boil in a saucepan with water and place in tomatoes.

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After 30 seconds drain the hot water and dial instead the cold water.

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Now peel the skin easier.

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Slice them into small pieces and place in a saucepan.

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Pour one Cup of water and boil with lid on until, until the tomatoes get too soft. Usually it takes about 15 minutes.

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Now we need to separate the tomato juice from the seeds and not seethe flesh. Miss the contents of the pan through a strainer, stretching spoon the flesh to get passed as many as possible of the juice.

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If you manage to get this spice as "black Mustard Seeds", then fry it a few seconds in butter until they begin to burst, to shoot out of the pan and explode. If this spice to get you can not, then just melt three tablespoons of butter in a saucepan.

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Pour in the melted butter tomato juice and mix it with the obtained earlier dressing. Simmer with the lid on at a moderate boil until thick. Some of the water should evaporate, and the remaining weight be about half. Cooking usually takes about thirty minutes.

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Well, our magical miracle-sauce is ready!
Be happy and healthy!
Bon appetit!