Salmon steak tender

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And it was not disgusting snack Than sandwiches with red caviar, Which the refrigerator was full, She in liter banks dry up... But sweet stars scattered raisins... Malevich, malavasi your square, no Wonder the black color it is painted. I like a nice rhyming game, from spawn I often have gas. Oh, how nasty red caviar! Of course, black isn't better! Why? Ah, damn that spawn it! I have this nasty nasty not happy. Well, Malevich often painted, I remember, as a black square. Salts a lot, and the color is gloomy – I do Not need such a sandwich. Can I have a sweet stars raisins, Scattered over the dish of the sky. The moon can like tzimmes to eat To make my stomach more clearly. Well it was not Malevich to paint. Not because she's matzo taste better? Can I taste the milky Way sometimes – Not for him eh I have a mouth? But what do I do with caviar? In your verse it is perhaps necessary to insert! _______________

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Ingredients for Salmon steak tender

Step by step instruction of cooking Salmon steak tender

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Salmon steak, or any red fish, let marinate in salt -pepper - lemon juice( a little bit)
minutes of commercials, 30
fry in hot vegetable oil

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when serving, pour the sauce and sprinkle with red caviar

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SAUCE, something like "tar-tar",
sour cream and mayonnaise mixed in equal proportions
+pepper+chopped dill+ grated fresh cucumber
I have already three!+ garlic, through chesnokodavilku

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