Baked cream baked yogurt with strawberries

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Baked cheese - delicious? It turns out that it's not just tasty, it's magically delicious, by itself, the cream of sour milk is incredibly gentle, velvety structure just melts in your mouth, and you let it go, honestly, just delicious without, but I didn't know that until now )) so I made with the most fragrant wild berries – wild strawberries, which arched a little dark chocolate. What happened in the end – a great dessert after a light dinner, but for me it was Breakfast and I was just happy. Directly to prepare you need only 10 minutes, the longest is the wait time to prepare + after cooling )) To the contest "Sweet taste of summer".

Ingredients for Baked cream baked yogurt with strawberries

Step by step instruction of cooking Baked cream baked yogurt with strawberries

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Dessert designed for my beloved one, i.e. 2 molds 125 ml)))

Prepare the "soil" to prepare the dessert for the 2nd, 3rd days, but then you need only patience, no effort and efforts.
Once in conversation with a good man about addiction to dairy, she told me that freeze regular yogurt, then throws it at the screen, and then later enjoying mouth-watering cream.

Natasha (Nata_kz), thank you, dear, for this lovely idea, she was safely used, I decided to try what it is. The result was above all praise. However, I used teplarny yogurt, which gives the dessert a distinctive delicate taste and hue.

I was distracted here for a bit, but sometimes you want )))
Package (Tetrapak) with cheese put in the freezer for a night, a day or how many you want... we are the main thing is to freeze it.
A piece of gauze folded in several layers to get a dense layer of tissue that covered the colander or sieve.

To get our frozen yogurt, dipped in a basin of hot water, cut open the package and pull out a solid bar of milk into the cheesecloth. Cover, put in fridge and forget for another 2 days. Can be removed for a day, then pull from fridge and allow to completely thaw and drain the whey. In the refrigerator the day is not enough, you need 2 minimum, and sometimes three. At room temperature otzivite, but the consistency is better when fully drain and thawed in the refrigerator, it is better to wait.

Шаг 2

When all the serum is gone. Remains here are so gentle and thick cream.

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But now I have some work to do, then to enjoy)))
Molds lubricated with oil.
Chocolate grated or chopped into small cubes.
Berries can take any on your taste.

At the bottom of the molds spread the berries, layer thickness depends on your taste, but a lot is also not necessary, because the berries will give the juice, and the cream will float in the juice and can posesse when baking.
The best option is approximately 1.5 layer )))

Berries to put the pieces of chocolate. Chocolate can take white will be more creamy and delicate flavor. I like bitter, but combined with the sourness of the berries for me it was more than I would like )))

Шаг 4

Eggs mixed with sugar, vanilla, a pinch of salt a hand whisk, whisk in the foam. If you beat the eggs, then the cream in the baking begins to rise, and we need a uniform gremista the structure of the dessert ))
The eggs add a teaspoon of corn flour can be replaced with starch or ordinary flour, mix well.
Add the cream of sour milk and all carefully mix to a homogeneous mass.

Шаг 5

Mass pour into molds on top of the berries.