Fish fillet in a cheese-crisp

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So often fried chops, so decided to check how it will be with a fish.... like crazy.... A win-win option for a quick and delicious dinner...

Ingredients for Fish fillet in a cheese-crisp

Step by step instruction of cooking Fish fillet in a cheese-crisp

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For this recipe it is better to use the fish less the bones. I cooked fish for the first time, I usually fry the steaks...
The fish is cleaned from the scales. Then cut off the head and remove the bones, beginning with the range, then check again not to leave bones.
Fish salt and pepper and leave for 15 minutes.

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Layer fish (or rather half fish) cut into two parts.
Dip them in flour.

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In a hot pan, fry until Golden brown on both sides in medium heat.
5-7 minutes not more.This is the main advantage of such slicing, the fish cooks very quickly.

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While the first portion fish fry, grate cheese.

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When fish are fried with 2 sides, put into the pan skin down. On fillet put a handful of cheese distributed across the surface of the fish.

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Then spread the flakes, slightly utaplivaja them in cheese.Cover with a lid and leave for a couple of minutes to melt the cheese. And so with every serving.

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