Avosoy traffic light

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Vegetables in the "glass" or "Vegetable traffic light" in both hot and cold tasty snack. For the contest "Vegetable traffic light".

Ingredients for Avosoy traffic light

Step by step instruction of cooking Avosoy traffic light

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eggplant cut into slices ,sprinkled with salt ,after 20 minutes, fry in sunflower oil

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corn to separate from the base with a knife

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fry in sunflower oil,salt

Шаг 5

bell pepper cut into strips,fry in sunflower oil ,salt

Шаг 6

tomatoes chopped and fry in sunflower oil,salt

Шаг 7

cut the plastic bottle top and bottom

Шаг 8

on a plate put the form out of the bottle,inside spread eggplant + shabby garlic + mayonnaise

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garlic ,mayonnaise

Шаг 12

tomatoes ,slightly flatten with a spoon ,carefully remove the "form "

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Bon appetit!