Pumpkin cake "July"

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Cake gave a friend and shared the recipe. It has changed a bit, prepared in the morning and put it in the fridge. The cake has rested, soaked and we are very pleased with dinner. Search found sea vegetable cakes in a variety of designs. So much that even upset. But the recipe will still spread to me, he made a good impression, it may be useful to someone.

Ingredients for Pumpkin cake "July"

Step by step instruction of cooking Pumpkin cake "July"

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In vegetable oil fry large pancakes, but pancakes. Oil should be put a little grease the pan before pouring the dough and flipping. The pancakes are rather tight, so pry propecia one side of pancake and grease free hand pan is quite doable (with some cooking skills, of course!)

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I got five large pancakes.

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For my taste the mayonnaise in this cake extra, fatty. I braked and inertia used in accordance with the recipe. But next time I will put sour cream or yogurt - cheese creamy enough by itself, with nuts, herbs and oil soaked into the cakes, mayonnaise heavy. But this is a matter of taste.

Шаг 4

Pancakes grease with the cream and send the cake for impregnation in the cold.

Шаг 5

Before serving, decorate the cake to taste - I cut of fresh cucumber leaves, cut out a circle of tomato skin rolled rosettes. The cake was impressed!